How many times have you been invited to an event and showed up with the same gift as someone else? I know, right. Growing up in Detroit, Michigan and attending the Detroit School of Arts, Jai knew she was different, meaning her talents were unique. KreativeInc is her best talent yet. As she was finding ways to decorate her dog’s room, she decided to buy wooden letters and spray paint them with his name. Amongst other projects that require numerous stops to the craft stores, the letters caught the eye of many friends. Jai has grown to love experimenting with DIY's, recycling, and upcycling. 

One Summer day, Jai's cousin was throwing away some old clipboards she had for her classroom. She asked Jai if she could use them. Being a lover of DIY and up-cycling, she took them with no clue as to how she was going to use them. Jai later had the idea of decorating the front of a clipboard and placing it on an easel for display (sort of like a picture being displayed on a coffee table). She was encouraged by others who saw it to make more. As, she experimented with more clipboards, the conversation came up about marketing. The thought wasn't exactly a good idea at the moment. Jai thought, perhaps it could just be a hobby. As the requests continued to come, the more innovating the designs became. Thus, KreativeInc was born. 

Her hobby - turned business is the most unique we've seen. KreativeInc artifacts can be found in the states of Michigan, Texas, Alabama and Georgia. Jai is currently a teacher in Montgomery, Alabama and lives with her dog King. She enjoys creating and experimenting with DIY projects, skating, reading, teaching, learning sign language, music, acting and is a proud member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc.



Coming up with innovative ways to create unique artifacts is a natural for Jai. There were so many opportunities God granted me that I overlooked. So, when this opportunity came into perspective, I went for it. This is my message to those who feel like they haven't found their nitch or is looking for a side hustle. Don't be afraid to work against the grain, step outside the box, break the mold or just plain GO FOR IT! Make your own lane. I finally feel as though I have created an avenue for people who have talents just like me. This journey is just the beginning and I'm inviting you to be apart of it with me. -Jai Shariece