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Generation Greek

IMG_3697 (1).PNG

Handmade Greek needs are at your service. Meet your Greek demands from paddles to jewelry boxes. Paddles are our biggest HIT! We offer embossing, spray and acrylic painting. Jewelry boxes are also great keepsakes. Choose from acrylic paint, spray paint, and add some pieces for personalizing. Check out our picture arcade to see our various styles. Prices may vary based on your kreative need.

Story Dream Letters


Designed from a story book, our Story Dream Letters will help make your child's dreams come true with help from their favorite stories and characters. All letters are available for hanging. Check out some unique styles from our past dreamers in the picture arcade.

Mix n Match


No particular plan is needed for our custom Mix n Match wooden letters. These letters are kreated with acrylic paint, spray paint, pieces, and stickers all in one. These letters are designed from the heart of kreativity to bring exquisiteness to any room. Check out our many designs in the picture arcade.

Chain Gang


We use keys everyday, so make them happy. Add custom pieces to your key chain for your satisfaction. Key chains are able to hold a picture or we can decorate both sides of the chain with pieces. Unlock your keys dreams; they deserve it for doing all the work.

Badge & Bourgeoisie


Your badge deserves bling. We specialize in making your badge an exquisite piece of your wardrobe. Perfect for doctors, nurses, office staff, custodians and teachers. They are so fun. Check out the arcade.

Door Necklace


These trendy necklaces are a great way to make a statement. Add phrases like, Quiet Please, Get Out, or Studying. Add pieces, stones and different paints to your Door Necklaces. Perfect for bedrooms, offices and nurseries. Make an entrance or an exit....

Wood Alteration 


Keep up with your loved woods...sorry,

keep up with your loved ones by

ordering our Wood Alteration. Transfer

pictures of your loved ones to door

hangers, plaques and more. Dazzle it up

with custom pieces, bling or pearls.

Klip Art Klipboards


Make your business our business. Klipboards help promote your business at pop-up-shops, markets, or even your place of business. We take snippets of your profession and personalize it to a klipboard. Hang it, easel it, nail it, it doesn't matter, just klip it!