Greek Needs

Handmade Greek needs are at your service. Meet your Greek demands from paddles to jewelry boxes, we can kreate ANYTHING! Paddles are our biggest HIT! We offer embossing, or painted stencil designs to fit the paddle shape. Jewelry boxes are great keepsakes. Painted with acrylic, spray painted, and add some pieces to personalize. Check out our picture arcade to see our various styles. Prices may vary based on your kreative need. 

Story Dream Letters

Our Story Dream Letters are designed from a story book of great quality and placed on letters to kreate and tell the story. Make your child's dreams come true from their favorite stories. All letters are available for hanging, even the letters that like to stand up. Check our past dreamers in the picture arcade!

Mix n Twist

No particular plan is needed for our custom Mix n Twist wooden letters. These letters are kreated with acrylic paint, spray paint, pieces, stickers and much more, all in one. These letters are designed from the heart of kreativity to bring exquisiteness to any room.